through-hole slip ring

through-hole slip ring

Product Details

ECNPerforated slip ring is also called hollow shaft slip ring, hollow conductive ring It is a general term for a series of conductive slip rings with holes in the center. It is designed with a central hole for convenient hydraulic passage, pneumatic passage or drive shaft installation. It ensures reliable contact under extremely low friction.

The Connaught via-type slip ring is compatible with Ethernet, USB, HDMI, SDI, Canbus, profibus, power and other signals to meet the needs of multi-functional systems, and at high and low temperatures. , anti-shock, anti-corrosion, waterproof and other application requirements have accumulated a wealth of design and production experience, can fully meet the different transmission solutions of customers.


< p="">Center hole for customer installation, and easy to integrate liquid/gas/fiber/high frequency

Adopt advanced fiber brush multi-point contact, maintenance-free, low friction, long life

Transfer digital and analog signals, compatible with data bus protocol


Through hole diameter: 0mm-1000mm optional

Current: 1-1000A Select

Number of channels: 1 way - 300 channels optional

Protection level: IP51-IP68 optional

Working temperature: -55~+250°C Select

Support multiple signal/power hybrid transmissions

Installation method/Outline mode is optional

Shell material/color optional

Dimensions / Special Wire / Wire Exit Directions

Typical Applications

Radar Antenna/Turntable/Military Equipment

Amusement Equipment/Engineering Machinery

Robot/Industrial Automation Equipment

Lithium Battery Equipment/Medical Equipment

Packaging Equipment/Stacker

Zhenuo Electronics has more than 70% of slip rings Non-standard custom, all kinds of cap type slip ring, through hole type Ring, center collector, disc slip ring can be non-standard custom, if you do not find the right product in the above description, you can consult the sales engineers, we will recommend or design a custom slip ring according to your requirements for you!