Cap slip ring

Cap slip ring

Product Details

Cap slip ring is designed for needs360°rotating conduction or transmission Conductive slip ring designed for small and medium-sized equipment such as signal, image signal, data and video signal. The product adopts the domestic leading military-grade surface treatment process. The gold-to-gold contact contact ensures extremely low contact resistance and has a compact structure. The utility model has the advantages of small volume, many roads and long service life, and is mostly used in the fields and industries for transmitting weak signals such as video monitoring, test equipment, instrumentation, aerial photography, and robots.

These series of slip rings have three Series:ACN,BCN,CCN, where ACNSeries outer diameter is 22-54mm,BCNSeries outer diameter is 12.5-16mm,CCNSeries outer diameter is 5.5-11.1mm.


Product Features

Small size, compact structure, long life
Using a military-grade surface treatment process, gold-to-gold contacts, low contact resistance, low electrical noise

Running smooth, small torque , high stability
Transfer data and analog signals, compatible with data bus protocol


< p="" style="text-align: left;">Options

Number of channels:1路到200Road optional 
Protection rating:IP51toIP68Optional 
Working temperature:< span="" style="font-size:16px;color:#333333">-55~250°COptional  
Support multiple signals, power mixed transmission 
Wire length, outlet method, terminal connector

Speed, shell material


Typical application

Security Monitoring,< span="" style="font-size:16px;color:#333333">LEDAutomation Equipment  , radar antenna, Turntable, military equipment , drones, robots, robots , medical equipment, instrumentation


  诺电子70%The above slip rings are all non-standard custom, all kinds of cap slip rings, through-hole slip rings, center collectors, disc slip rings, etc. can be customized for non-standard, if you are in the above introduction If you don't find a suitable product, you can consult a sales engineer. We will recommend or design a custom slip ring according to your requirements!

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