disk slip ring

disk slip ring

Product Details

Zhenuo's slip ring includes separate disc slip ring and integral disk slip ring.

PCNIntegrated disc slip ring is also called ultra-thin flat disc slip ring, pie-shaped slip ring, which is characterized by ultra-thin flat structure and small height compared with the general-purpose slip ring. It is suitable for most devices with limited vertical space and can extend horizontal space. It can provide solid and different size via selection.
Separate disc slip ring is also calledPCBThe plate slip ring consists of a separate rotor and stator. It is designed for equipment that needs to limit the linear spacing and extend the lateral space. It can meet the stricter height requirements and the thinnest thickness. 4mm, The fiber shrapnel brush technology ensures reliable contact under extremely low friction.



Completely satisfied360degree of unlimited rotation power, control And digital signal hybrid transmission

Small size, very thin thickness<>

Fiber shrapnel brush technology to ensure reliable contact under extremely low friction;

very low contact resistance, no friction debris;

Can be used for mixed transmission of precision signals and power supplies;

Sheet contacts Precious metal, high stability, high reliability


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rated current, voltage

Work Temperature



Wire exit direction


Typical application

Medical Equipment/Instrumentation

Radar, Antenna System/Military equipment

electric car/Smart Lock

Industrial Automation System, Robot Control System



诺电子70%The above conductive slip rings are all non-standard custom, all kinds Slip rings, through-hole slip rings, center current collectors, disc slip rings, etc. can be customized. If you do not find a suitable product in the above introduction, you can consult the sales engineer, we will be based on your requirements. You recommend or design a custom slip ring!


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