Fiber Optic Rotating Joint

Fiber Optic Rotating Joint

Product Details

FCN fiber optic rotary joints, also known as fiber optic slip rings, fiber optic rotary connectors, optoelectronics Slip ring. The use of fiber optics as the data transmission medium provides the best solution for the ultra-large capacity data transmission of rotating connection system components. It is suitable for applications that need to transfer large data or signals from a static device to a rotating position during continuous or intermittent rotation. Fiber optic swivel joints improve mechanical performance, simplify operation, avoid data loss during rotation, and combine power and high-speed data with traditional slip rings.

This series of swivel joints can be electrically slippery The integration of the ring makes the electric slip ring and the fiber optic adapter complement each other in the system, and becomes an opto-electric hybrid slip ring, which can be used for high-definition video transmission system, microwave communication, medical equipment, sensor signal measurement, radar and video monitoring system, etc. Need360°A device that rotates the conductive and transmits the fiber signal.




Transmission rate Reachable100Gbit/sMore, up to 31channel

highly integrated, volume Small and lightweight, with multiple packages

very low insertion loss, very high return loss

No contact, no friction, long life (single core 1100 million or more)

Transmission of signals with fiber optics, no leakage, no electromagnetic interference

Can transmit tens of hundreds of kilometers of networking applications over long distances



Fiber type:SM / MM / MIX

Connector Type:ST / FC / SL / LC

Fibre Channel, pigtail length


Typical application:

Radar system/turntable

Offshore equipment/ship system

Medical Equipment

Electrical Pod System


诺电子70%The above slip rings are all non-standard custom, all kinds of cap slip rings, Ethernet slip ring, center collector, etc. can be customized for non-standard if you In the above introduction, we did not find a suitable product. We can consult the sales engineer. We will recommend or design a custom slip ring according to your requirements!