Gas-liquid rotary joint

Gas-liquid rotary joint

Product Details

Gas-liquid rotary joints are rotary joints specially used to transport both gas and liquid media, mainly including compressed air, hydrogen, nitrogen, water, oil, coolant and so on. Rotary joints adopt different sealing methods according to different transmission media, mainly including gap seal, mechanical seal and seal seal. Each type of seal has its own advantages and limitations, and the electronic transfer will be based on different transmissions. The media recommends the corresponding adapter. The size of the connector on the adapter is optional. The number of channels is from single channel to tens of channels. The size and installation method can be customized, the performance is stable, and the service life is long..


hydraulic slip ringproduct Features:

The media that can pass are: Compressed air, hydrogen, nitrogen, chemical mixed gas, steam, cooling water, hot water, hot oil, petroleum, sulfuric acid, beverages, etc. Gas or liquid circuit

Select different sealing forms for different applications

Stable performance, long life

Speed up to 800rpm, maintenance-free

Dimensions and installation methods can be customized

Can mix power lines, signal lines, industrial buses, industrial buses, control lines, solenoid valves, sensing lines, etc.



Optional :

pressure size<>

dimensional size

installation Way

Transported Media Type


Support1-200road power signal loop

Standard interface has G1/8",G3/8",G1/4",G1/2",M5etc,support4 15mmMultiple trachea

The size and air pipe of the swivel joint can be customized according to customer requirements. Size 




Typical Application:

Automation Equipment/Automatic Welder System

Chemical Pharma/Machine Manufacturing/Industrial Automation Control System

Food Processing/ Steel Metallurgy/plastic fiber manufacturing


诺Electronics70%The above slip rings are all non-standard custom, all kinds of cap slip rings, through-hole slip rings, center collectors, etc. can be non-standard Customization, if you do not find a suitable product in the above introduction, you can consult the sales engineer, we will recommend or design a custom slip ring according to your requirements!