• High Life Slip Ring

    High Life Slip RingHigh-life slip ring conductive slip ring is a key component of automation equipment. Its life, stability and reliability are very close to tContact Now

  • slip ring

    slip ringSlip ring slip ring is an electromechanical component that provides continuous electrical signal transmission between a rotating conductor aContact Now

  • conductive ring

    conductive ringConducting ring conductive ring, also known as slip ring, conductive slip ring, current collector, etc., is used in high-end industrial elecContact Now

  • Center Current Collector

    Center Current CollectorCentral Collector Center Collector, also known as high current slip ring, high power slip ring, carbon brush slip ring, marine slip ring, caContact Now

  • High Speed Slip Ring

    High Speed Slip RingHigh-speed slip ring high-speed slip ring is also called high-speed slip ring, which refers to the collector ring with an average speed of 1Contact Now

  • HD Slip Ring

    HD Slip RingHigh-definition slip ring 诺高滑滑圈 includes SDI slip ring and HDMI slip ring. SDI slip ring is designed for SDI signal transmission, supports Contact Now

  • Waterproof slip ring

    Waterproof slip ringWaterproof slip ring Waterproof slip ring is a general term for a slip ring used in special environments such as moisture, corrosion and undContact Now

  • Explosion-proof slip ring

    Explosion-proof slip ringExplosion-proof slip ring explosion-proof slip ring, also known as explosion-proof conductive slip ring, explosion-proof confluence ring, exContact Now

  • USB slip ring

    USB slip ringUSB Slip Ring USB is a serial bus standard for connecting computers and external devices. It is also a technical specification for input andContact Now

  • Ethernet slip ring

    Ethernet slip ringEthernet Slip Ring Ethernet Slip Ring, also known as Industrial Ethernet Slip Ring, is designed for Industrial Ethernet transmission and folContact Now