Ethernet slip ring

Ethernet slip ring

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Ethernet slip ringaka Industrial Ethernet Slip Ring, designed for Industrial Ethernet transmission, conforms to and complies with Ethernet signal protocol requirements for transmission100M/1000MElectrical Signal Conduction Slip rings provide the best technical solution for industrial Ethernet signal transmission between system components that are connected in a rotary connection.

Zhenuo's Ethernet slip ring design takes care EMCElectromagnetic compatibility and signal impedance matching requirements The signal transmission loss is small, no error code, ultra long distance transmission, such signals can also be integrated with other current loops and signal loops to meet the diverse needs of users.



Transferable100M/1000MEthernet signal

Up to simultaneous transmission8One Gigabit Ethernet Channel< pan="">

Up to simultaneous transfer12100 Mbps Ethernet channel

Transmission is stable, no packet loss, no Serial code, low loss

Can be mixed with power signals and other complex signals, Hybrid fiber, gas-liquid transmission

current and signal without interference, in line EMCElectromagnetic Compatibility Requirements

A variety of connector types are available, availableRJ45Connector plug directly

Excellent electrical contact materials ensure low noise and long life for signal transmission



Number of channels:1-96

Product via size: Gigabit Ethernet hole 0-150mmOptional, 100M Ethernet inner hole0-500mmoptional

Protection rating: IP51-IP67

Current size/integratable signal types


Typical application:

Turntable test equipment

Automation Equipment

Lithium-ion equipment


诺电子70%The above slip rings are all non-standard custom, all kinds Cap slip rings, through-hole slip rings, center collectors, etc. can be customized. If you do not find a suitable product in the above introduction, you can consult the sales engineer, we will recommend or design according to your requirements. Custom slip ring!