USB slip ring

USB slip ring

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USB is connected to the computer and external A serial bus standard is also a technical specification for input and output interfaces. It is widely used in information communication products such as personal computers and mobile devices, and extends to machine vision, data acquisition, photographic equipment, digital television (set-top boxes), Game machines and other related fields.

USB Slip ring means 360°Rotate TransferUSBSpinning connector for signals, specifically for USBSignal design, stable transmissionIEEE1394and variousUSBSignal, with stable transmission, no Loss of packet, no serial code, small return loss, small insertion loss, etc., can be applied to any need 360°Rotate Conductive and Transmit1Road or MultipleUSB Signal device provides the best technical solution for solving large-capacity data and signal transmission between rotating connected system components .  



< p="" style="margin-bottom: 0px; text-align: left;">TransferableUSB2.0,USB3.0Signal

The number of signal channels is large and can be transmitted at the same time12oneUSB2.0Channel

Transmission is stable, no packet loss, no crosstalk, low loss

Can mix multiple electrical power channels and signal channels

No interference between power and signal, EMCRequest

Can be equippedHUBImprove the module to increase the transmission distance

provideUSBMunich and female connectors are directly plugged in<>




Number of channels

Protection level< pan="">

Signal Specifications<>

Current size

< p="" style="text-align: left;">Integratable signal types


Typical application

 Sports Simulator

 Automation Equipment


诺电子70%above The slip rings are all non-standard custom. All kinds of cap slip rings, through-hole slip rings, central collectors, etc. can be customized. If you do not find a suitable product in the above introduction, you can consult the sales engineer. Will recommend or design custom according to your requirements Slip ring!