High Speed Slip Ring

High Speed Slip Ring

Product Details

High Speed Slip Ring also called high-speed slip ring, specifically refers to average speed1000rpm To 15000rpmThe collector ring can be customized as 1500rpm,5000rpm,10000rpmA variety of requirements, with strong lubricity, wear resistance, mainly used in high-speed rail testing, non-destructive testing equipment, eddy current testing equipment and other systems.

Zhenuo's high-speed slip ring, by combining domestic and foreign advanced technology and its own innovation, using advanced technology to ensure the very high concentricity of the slip ring, in the stator and rotor The contact between the two uses a special structure to ensure that the performance is stable at high speeds. The heat generated by the slip ring during high-speed operation does not affect the stability of the signal and the life of the slip ring.

Through years of accumulation, Cono has successfully developed dozens of high-speed program slip rings in the field of high-speed slip rings, in which drawings exceed 100 share, with valuable success experience.




Using proprietary technology

Power and signal transmission stability < pan="">

Low torque, low loss, high stability, long life < pan="">

Maximum speed up15000rpm

Compact size and light weight



 Speed: 1000rpm-15000rpmOptional, other speeds can be customized

Installation: Optional for hollow or flange mounting

< p="" style="text-align: left;">Number of channels:1-24Road optional

current:1 -500Aoptional


Typical Application

Testing equipment: high-speed rail testing, non-destructive testing equipment, eddy current testing equipment, etc.

Automation equipment, offshore equipment, automotive industry


诺电子70%The above slip rings are all non-standard custom, all kinds of cap slip rings, through-hole slip rings, center collectors Can be customized for non-standard, if you do not find a suitable product in the above introduction, you can consult the sales engineer, we will recommend or design a custom slip ring according to your requirements!