HD Slip Ring

HD Slip Ring

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Sino HD slip ring includedSDIslip ring and HDMIslip ring. SDIslip ring specifically< span="" style="text-align: left;">SDISignal transmission design, supportHD-SDI,3G-SDI< pan="">Standard, with coaxial cable, up to 3Gbps;HDMIslip ring specificallyHDMISignal transmission design, compatible supportHDMI1.3/1.4version to resolve high-definition video signals between rotating connection system components Transport to provide the best technical solution. The product is compact in size and flexible in design.

Zhenuo's HD slip ring is domestic The leading military technology has the advantages of stable transmission, signal attenuation loss and ultra-low transmission fluctuation.


High Speed Slip RingHighest Support2K@90Hz video standard, no splash screen without frame loss; /span>

High transmission bandwidth, compatible supportHDMI1.3/1.4Version, Transmission bandwidth10.2Gbps

High transfer rate, maximum support3G-SDIstandard, transfer rate2.97Gbps

can simultaneously transmit electrical signals as well as high-definition video signals, high-speed digital signals, satisfy EMCElectromagnetic Compatibility Requirements

< span="" style="font-size:16px;font-family:宋体;color:black">金-Gold touch points ensure long working life;

Contacting electricity Low resistance, compact size, low torque, reliable operation;

Metal housing, wire size, length and connector connector options



Number of channels 

video specs

Protection level 

current size

installation method

compact size and flexible design,

can integrate multiple signals


Typical Applications:

HD Security Monitoring,VRApplication<>

Infrared Photography, HD PTZ, Turntable<>

Optical pod Radar communication, microwave antenna


诺电子70%The above slip rings are all non-standard custom, all kinds of cap slip rings, Explosion-proof slip ring, central collectors, etc. can be customized for non-standards. If you do not find a suitable product in the above introduction, you can consult a sales engineer. We will recommend or design a custom slip ring for you according to your requirements!