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slip ring

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Slip ring An electromechanical component that provides continuous electrical signal transmission between a rotating conductor and a stationary conductor, also known as a conductive ring, collector ring, conductive slip ring, bus ring, swivel joint, center current collector, for any requirement Unlimited continuous transmission Or both intermittent rotation of the electromechanical system for transmitting power or data, can improve the mechanical properties, to simplify the operation of the system, eliminating damage and failure by the wire depending on the original joint movement may result.

Zhenuo Electronics has developed a special slip ring device for servo motor, encoder and other automatic control systems, which is used to supply power to the servo motor and transmit the encoder signal. This is the servo motor slip ring. Also known as the servo motor encoder slip ring. Since the servo system is a high-precision component and has extremely high requirements on product stability, the conductive slip ring used in the servo motor needs to have high life, no loss of signal transmission, and no loss of signal data. Zeno's servo motor slip ring solves the most worrying interference problem for users. It can mix power loops and other signals such as CANbus, Profibus, RS, Ethernet signals, etc. It can also integrate gas-liquid rotary joints to meet the multi-functional needs of customers. The overall performance of the slip ring is reflected in both mechanical and electrical properties, and electrical performance is the basis. For example, mechanically, the physical wear of the product is small, but the electrical performance has reached the end of life, it is regarded as a failed product, so the electrical stability of the slip ring is the design focus.

For many years, Zino Electronics has designed and developed various types of via slip rings for servo motors at home and abroad such as Siemens, Yaskawa, and Matsushita, and there are alarms and shutdowns. At present, a number of mature product series have been formed, which are suitable for most mainstream servo motor products on the market.

More than 70% of the slip rings of Connaught Electronics are non-standard customized, and all kinds of servo motor encoder slip rings can be customized. If you do not find a suitable product in the above introduction, you can Consult a sales engineer and we will recommend or design a custom slip ring for your requirements!