conductive ring

conductive ring

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conductive ring, also known as slip ring, conductive slip ring, current collector, etc., used in multi-function, high High-end industrial electrical equipment with high performance, high precision and multiple continuous rotary motion Equipment or precision electronic equipment, such as aerospace equipment, radar communication equipment, medical equipment, automation equipment, engineering machinery equipment, offshore equipment, amusement equipment, wind power equipment, environmental protection equipment, etc., provide reliable for these mechanical and electrical equipment to achieve complex motion Energy and signal transmission solutions.


With the development of technology, automation equipment and various high-end precision instruments need to transmit various data signals in electromechanical equipment, such as pan/tilt, turntable, lithium battery equipment, robot< pan=""> , Rotary Workbench, Electrical Test Equipment, Exhibition/display ring, ring of rings for equipment, manufacturing and processing control equipment There are more and more road requirements. In response to this growing demand, Zeno Electronics has developed a multi-way slip ring.


Multi-way slip ring is also called multi-channel conductive ring, multi-channel slip ring, multi-channel slip Ring, specifically refers to the number of channels36Slip ring for roads and above, can be customized to500Road, can mix power loops and other signals such as CANbus,Profibus< span="" style="font-size:16px;font-family:宋体;color:black">,RS, Ethernet signal, etc., compatible Current, can be integrated liquid swivel, fiber optic or radio frequency connectors, designed to interference, noise-free signal transmission, reliable, high stability, while also having a smooth rotation, compact size, and light weight.


If you need non-standard customized products, please provide the following basic parameters to give the basic technical team Design.

The basic parameters that need to be provided are the number of channels Information such as voltage, current, signal, size, working speed, working environment, installation method, etc. are all provided to our company, which is convenient for our engineers to recommend and formulate suitable solutions.