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USB slip ring is designed for USB signal
- 2019-07-18-

USB slip ring Specially designed for USB signals, for transmitting USB1.0, USB2.0 signal, having a transmission stability, packet loss, not the string of code, return loss, insertion loss is small.

USB slip rings can mix electrical power channels and signal channels.

Up to 8 USB channels can be transmitted at the same time.

Integrated precision conductive slip ring with all-aluminum structure, providing USB male and female connectors for direct insertion and removal, US military coating technology , precious metal + super hard gold plating, ultra-low BER error rate and ultra-high signal-to-noise ratio.

Customizable USB2.0 special slip ring, USB rotary connector, 360 degree USB connector Wait.


Product Features:


Signal channels are large and can be transmitted at the same time12 U SB2.0channel

transfer stable, no packet loss, no crosstalk, low loss

Can mix multiple electrical power channels and signal channels

power and signal without interference, in accordance with EMCrequired

Can be equippedHUBImprove the module to increase the transmission distance

provideUSBMale and female connectors are directly plugged in




number of channels

Protection level

Signal Specifications

current size

integrated signal type


typical application

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 Automation Equipment

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