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Waterproof slip ring designed for underwater and harsh environments
- 2019-07-18-

waterproof slip ring is a special environment for moisture, corrosion and underwater Collectively ring, designed for underwater and harsh environment design, can solve the problem in the working environment of the water. According to the working environment, it is divided into multiple protection levels, such as IP65,IP67, IP68 etc. with different protection levels, the design of the protection level and the selection of materials related to liquid components, such as seawater, fresh water, oil, etc. are closely related.
  Waterproof slip ring includes dust-proof slip ring in special environment and waterproof slip ring for underwater work. Waterproof slip ring is also called water slide ring, which can be on the seabed. Working at temperatures of 300 to 400 meters.

waterproof slip ringmainly used for ships, port and shipping equipment, lakes and seas, etc. In the environment, it transmits precise signals, weak current, high current and high voltage. At the same time, it prevents liquid from penetrating into the slip ring. It has low torque, low loss and maintenance-free; low electrical noise and long life. Zeno can customize a combination of large current waterproof slip ring, Ethernet waterproof slip ring, high speed waterproof slip ring and other slip rings.