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High-speed slip ring is mainly used for high-speed rail testing
- 2019-07-18-

High-speed slip ring is a high-speed operation that requires low current or signal transmission between the rotating platform and the stationary platform. Device provides an effective solution to achieve the required speed depends on the specific number of revolutions per minute. There are many manufacturers in China that do high-speed slip rings. When choosing, you need to see if you are a professional high-speed slip ring. |

< span="" style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: 宋体; font-size: 16px;">Zhenuo's high-speed slip ring, by combining domestic and foreign advanced technology and its own innovation, adopt advanced The process ensures the high concentricity of the slip ring. The contact between the stator and the rotor adopts special structure treatment, which fully guarantees the stable performance during high-speed operation. The heat generated by the slip ring during high-speed operation does not affect the signal stability. Sex and slippery life.

through years of accumulation, Connaught at high speed The slip ring field has successfully developed dozens of high-speed solution slip rings, of which the drawings exceed 100 With valuable success experience.