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The conductive slip ring is an image that realizes two relative rotation mechanisms
- 2019-07-18-

Slip ring is the electrical component responsible for connecting and transmitting energy and signals to the rotating body. According to the transmission medium, the slip ring is divided into an electric slip ring, a fluid slip ring, and a smooth ring, and can also be collectively referred to as "rotary connection" or "swirl". The slip ring is usually installed in the center of rotation of the device and consists mainly of two parts, rotating and stationary. The rotating part connects the rotating structure of the device and rotates with it, called the "rotor". The stationary part connects the energy of the fixed structure of the device, called the "stator". The life of conductive slip ring is related to the material and process. It depends on the high speed. Generally, if the speed is 0-300 rpm, it will be no problem to use 10-15 years. In the slip ring industry, the performance and life of slip ring products are important indicators for measuring slip ring technology. The conventional conductive slip ring structure is a non-detachable structure, or a maintenance-free product during the life span. If the slip ring is abnormally damaged or the end of its life, The slip ring should be scrapped and replaced as a whole, with a long maintenance period, time-consuming and labor-intensive costs.

For this issue, Zino Electronics has specially developed a fast-changing ultra-long-life conductive slip ring, which is the first in the industry. The new conductive slip ring has a modular design for the consumable parts, and the scientific structural design eliminates the need to disassemble the entire The housing can be easily disassembled and installed, and the internal parts can be replaced and maintained quickly. The theoretical life is greatly extended to meet the needs of special high-end markets. The preliminary test data shows that the lifetime can be converted to at least 20 years under normal temperature conditions.