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      &n Bsp; In recent years, with the rise of the smart toy market, the slip ring has played a big role. In the smart toy, the slip ring is, for example, a human joint. The joint functions not only to connect two mechanical parts that can be rotated, but also to transmit current and micro current, signals, and the like. This is like the human nervous system, which needs to transmit radio signals. In the smart toy, the function of the integrated slip ring is indispensable, and many toys are not large in size, and a micro slip ring is needed.

        With the development of smart toys, the technology of integrating slip rings will be more and more advanced. In particular, the direction of the policy in the next few years is to develop new energy and new materials, and the history of opportunities is unprecedented. In addition to preparing for their own hardware conditions, each slip ring manufacturer should strengthen the cultivation of soft power. The introduction and training of integrated slip ring professionals is also an urgent task. Experienced designers and engineers are the main targets for future competition. One of the codes.

        As a miniature slip ring for precision parts, the size is small, and the price of the conductive slip ring is not high, which is very suitable for application in smart toys, so The future of the smart toy market is very broad.

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