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slip ring in offshore equipment

海工The slip ring is a slip ring for the marine environment,Chenno has set up a research and development team for this purpose,Research and development team has been continuously improved and innovated for several years,Current ConnaughtMarine Slip Ring Standardized selection, standardized production, can also be customized according to customer requirements, to meet customer requirements for different working conditions.

Marine Equipment Industry Features:

    1, need to adapt to the harsh environment, maritime humid air, frequent operation, high intensity;

     2, the equipment is not easy to disassemble and repair, the accessories need to be easy to repair;

     3, need to adapt Body vibration, shock big strength requirements.

    4, equipment reliability, security requirements are high; /span>

Zhenuo Haigong slip ring features:

    1, high electrical security

< span="" style="font-family: 'sans serif';letter-spacing: 0;font-size: 14px">    2, stable performance, long life

    3< span="" style="font-family:sans serif">, excellent weatherability

    4, maintainability

    5, Wide range of applications

    6, high security

Temporary Typical Applications: Marine Propulsion Systems, Port Machinery, Oil Drilling Platforms, Surveillance ships, research vessels, ship machinery

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