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Zeno's slip ring includes separate disc slip ring and integral disc slip ring
- 2019-07-18-

The Zeno slip ring includes a separate disc slip ring and an integral disc slip ring. The PCN integral disc slip ring is also called ultra-thin flat disc slip ring, and the pie-shaped slip ring is characterized by an ultra-thin flat structure and a small height compared with a through-hole slip ring. Some devices with limited vertical space and the ability to extend lateral space provide solid and different size via selection. PSCN Separate Disc Slip Ring, also known as PCB Slip Ring, consists of a separate rotor and stator. It is designed for equipment that needs to limit the linear spacing and extend the lateral space. It can meet more stringent height requirements and thickness. The thinnest is up to 4mm, and the fiber shrapnel brush technology ensures reliable contact under extremely low friction.

Disc The slip ring is specifically designed for rotating systems that are height-limited in the vertical direction. This series is divided into an integrated disc slip ring and a split disc slip ring. The Connaught One-Piece Slip Ring provides solid and different-sized through-hole rotation. The Separate Disc Slip Ring provides a separate rotor and a custom-designed PCB design for tighter height restrictions.

Advanced fiber brush technology to ensure low friction, low contact resistance, no friction debris

Minimum thickness is only 6mm, outer diameter is 82mm

Available in solid and different size via selection slip rings

In the electrical design process, when the mechanical part is rotated 360 degrees without restriction, the wire needs to be connected to the rotating part, and the electrical engineer will encounter the wire. Winding problem, this time, he needs an electric rotating connector, commonly known as an electric slip ring to transmit the rotating connection of power and signal.

What are the types of conductive slip rings? There are three main types from the shape, one is a cap-type conductive slip ring, one is a through-hole conductive slip ring, and the other is a disk. Slip ring. So, what is a cap-type conductive slip ring? As its name suggests, because its shape looks a lot like a hat, so people in the industry call it a cap-type conductive slip ring, which is mainly to distinguish it from the shape, the conductive slip ring There are two main types of division, one based on conductive media, such as electric slip rings, fiber slip rings, mercury slip rings, etc., and one is based on conductive slip ring structure, such as through-hole type (also called hollow shaft) Slip ring), cap type, disc slip ring, etc. Depending on the installation requirements, we generally provide a shaft-type, through-hole conductive slip ring.