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ECN through-hole slip ring is also called hollow shaft slip ring
- 2019-07-18-
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ECNvia hole slip ringalso known as hollow shaft slip ring, hollow conductive ring, is a collective name for a series of conductive slip rings with a hole in the center, designed with convenient hydraulic passage, pneumatic passage or drive shaft The central hole is installed to ensure reliable contact under extremely low friction.

< p="">Zhenuo through-hole slip ring is compatible with Ethernet,USB,HDMI,< pan="">SDI,Canbus, profibus,powerA variety of signals to meet the needs of multi-functional systems, and accumulated rich experience in design and production of high and low temperature, shockproof, anti-corrosion, waterproof and other application requirements, can fully meet the different transmission solutions of customers. . The speed of the slip ring is customizable. (For some high-speed electrical systems, based on the rich development and manufacturing of the slip ring industry for more than a decade Experience, through the relevant knowledge research, successfully developed a high-speed slip ring with a high-speed slip ring speed of up to 20,000 RPM, providing an effective device for high-speed operation of high-speed operation between the rotating platform and the stationary platform. Solution.) This fundamentally overcomes the shortcomings of traditional conductive slip rings that operate at low speeds and are not wear resistant.