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High-speed slip ring is also called high-speed slip ring
- 2019-07-18-
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High-speed slip ring is also called high-speed slip ring, which refers to the collection of average speed from 1000rpm to 15000rpm. Ring, can be customized, such as 1500rpm, 5000rpm, 10000rpm, etc. A variety of requirements, with strong lubricity, wear resistance, mainly used in high-speed rail testing, non-destructive testing equipment, eddy current testing equipment and other systems. The high-speed slip ring of Connaught uses a combination of advanced technology at home and abroad and its own innovation to ensure the high concentricity of the slip ring. The contact between the stator and the rotor is treated with special structure. It fully guarantees that the performance is stable at high speed, and the heat generated by the slip ring at high speed does not affect the stability of the signal and the life of the slip ring. Through years of accumulation, Connaught has successfully developed dozens of high-speed program slip rings in the field of high-speed slip rings, including more than 100 drawings, with valuable success experience.

Slip ring is the electrical component responsible for turning on and transmitting energy and signals for the rotating body. The slip ring is usually installed on the device. The center of rotation is divided into two parts: rotating and stationary. As a connecting part of the rotating part, if it is not properly selected, it will cause the equipment to malfunction or malfunction and damage the equipment. More serious catastrophic events may occur.