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Waterproof slip ring is used for moisture, corrosion and underwater
- 2019-07-18-

Waterproof slip ring is a kind of slip for special environment such as moisture, corrosion and underwater The collective name for the ring, designed for underwater and harsh environments Can solve the problem of working in the water environment. According to its working environment, it is divided into multiple protection levels, such as IP65, IP67, IP68 and other different protection levels. The design of the protection level and the selection of materials are related to liquid components, such as seawater, fresh water and oil. Waterproof slip ring refers to the main waterproofing-based conductive slippery Ring, can solve the problem of working in the water environment, the waterproof level is generally divided into 8 levels: 0 refers to no protection, 1 refers to water droplet protection, 2 refers to the cabinet tilts 15 degrees, protective water droplets, 3 level refers to protective splash Water, level 4 refers to protective water spray, level 5 refers to protective water jet, level 6 refers to protection of strong water, level 7 refers to short-term water immersion, and level 8 refers to long-term immersion. Of course, some users require the slip ring to work in a high-humidity environment, and this product is also within the range of the waterproof slip ring. Waterproof slip rings have been widely used in a variety of equipment that need to work in water. The waterproof slip ring is mainly used for transmitting precision signals, weak current, high current and high voltage in ships, port and navigation equipment, lake and sea environment, etc., while preventing liquid from penetrating into the slip ring, with low torque and low loss. Maintenance; low electrical noise, long life and other key features. Zeno can customize a combination of large current waterproof slip ring, Ethernet waterproof slip ring, high speed waterproof slip ring and other slip rings.