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Cap slip ring is designed to require 360° rotation to conduct or transmit control signals
- 2019-07-18-


Zeno Cap slip ring is designed to be needed360°Small or small to rotate conductive or transmit control signals, image signals, data and video signals The conductive slip ring designed by the equipment device adopts the domestic leading military-grade surface treatment process. The gold-to-gold contact contact ensures extremely low contact resistance. It has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, many roads and long service life. Video surveillance, test equipment, instrumentation, aerial photography, robots and other fields and industries that transmit weak signals.

This series of slip rings has three series:ACN, BCN, CCN, where ACNSeries outer diameter is 22-54mm,BCNSeries OD 1 2.5-16mm,CCNSeries outer diameter is 5.5-11.1mm.

Cap Slip Ring As the name implies, it is a slip ring that looks like a hat. The Mercury cap type slip ring has a flange, which is mainly installed with the customer's equipment through several fixing holes on the flange, so the cap type slip ring is generally fixed on the outer layer, and the inner shaft is rotated. A structure.