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Explosion-proof slip ring is also known as explosion-proof conductive slip ring
- 2019-07-18-

    Explosion-proof slip ring< pan="">also known as explosion-proof conductive slip ring, explosion-proof confluence ring, explosion-proof collecting ring or explosion-proof slip ring, etc., usually refers to explosion-proof function, with a good seal Conductive and airtight, conductive slip rings that work in explosive environments, generally used in petroleum and chemical industries/ Span style="FONT-FAMILY: Song body; COLOR: #333333; FONT-SIZE: 16px">Special environment such as explosive dust.

    The explosion-proof slip ring developed by 诺 can be applied to 0Zone,1District, 2 Zone, custom explosion-proof slip ring common explosion-proof level is ExdII BT4 Gb IP65.

    Through years of accumulation, Zeno is in explosion-proof slip ring The field has successfully developed dozens of explosion-proof slip rings, of which the drawings exceed 50, with rich and valuable success experience, can provide through-hole slip ring/large size slip ring/Explosion-proof design and products for large current slip rings.

          Explosive Conduction The slip ring is a high-safety, high-reliability conductive slip ring suitable for working in explosive environments, such as oil platforms, explosive materials packaging equipment, agricultural product processing equipment, coal mines, spraying and other dangerous places.
         The conductive slip ring is electrically conductive by the relative friction between the conductive contact materials, so in principle, it is impossible to avoid the generation of electric spark, conventional conductive Slip rings are usually only focused on electrical performance, and the protection is weak. Therefore, the use of non-explosion-proof conductive slip rings will be a major safety hazard in an explosive environment.